The Final Twelve: Day 11

Tuesday, 11 more days until my last commute to the Bronx.

While certain parts of me are rejoicing (my neck, after dealing with 3 hours of driving a day; my car, because I never purchased a bumper protector; and my sanity, because of two words: traffic and Taconic), I know that my last day will be truly bittersweet. Just today, I walked into a colleague’s classroom and heard the whispers (ok, not whispers) of a few past students: “Hi, Ms. Bergen!” That will never get old.

But, I’m stoked for what’s to come! And what’s better, my family, friends, and colleagues are just as excited for me. I spoke to one of my closest friends today (since fourth grade K.R.D.), and it was so nice to catch up, give her an update, and hear her words of support. That is the beauty of friendship. (Hashtag blessed.)

Hope everyone had a great day. And if not, maybe go call a close friend and see if you don’t feel better. šŸ˜‰

Today’s pic: in the classroom, showing off some summer sandals before I officially break out the boots.

Notes by Natalie

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