The Final Twelve: Day 12 “The Beginning”

If there was anytime in my life for me to start blogging, it’s now.

It’s Monday, 8:30 p.m. I’m at my local Starbucks enjoying a latte and editing my website. Creating websites, and now blogs, has almost become a second job for me – a job where I’ve employed myself and go to work happy. What’s my first job? I am also a teacher; I work with NYC students who are learning English. This “first” job has been incredibly good to me, both financially and in that heart-warming, fuzzy-feeling way. Watching children grow, laugh, and develop language is incredibly rewarding. I’ve been lucky.

And yet, I have named this post “The Final Twelve.”

As I sit in this Starbucks meticulously revising my website, I am reminded that in just 12 short days, I will be leaving my job as a teacher and pursuing what has always been a lifelong dream of mine – a career in media & entertainment.

It may sound drastic, and that’s probably why it’s taken me a few years to take this leap: “How can I just leave my job? What will my family say? What about this? And that?” Normal thoughts. But the desire and drive has always been there, deep within.

The truth is, it’s all been about timing and I know that several events in my life have played a huge role in helping me make this decision, this CHOICE, at this time. I don’t know exactly what awaits me when these 12 days are through, but I couldn’t be more excited to find out.

Stayed tuned for updates on “The Final Twelve” and the adventures to come when I reset the clock.

Notes by Natalie

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