The Final Twelve: Day 10 “Journey into the Unknown”

My commutes to work are always interesting, and today’s was no different. Beginning with blinding sun glare as the morning sky got brighter and ending with the normal rush for a city street parking spot, it’s amazing I got here on time.

The middle part of my drive was the most interesting.

Notes by Natalie, Journey into the Unknown

As I approached a small bridge on the highway, I was met by a dense fog rising from the river that greatly decreased visibility in every direction. Cars naturally began to slow and take precaution, not knowing what lay ahead. Eventually they cleared the bridge, the fog lifted, and speeds returned to normal.

The reaction of the cars made me think of my own journey, and the journey of all people making changes and taking risks. The future is always unknown, so that’s why I’m not racing through the fog at high speeds. Instead, I’m putting on the brakes a little and taking time to prepare for my new path.

Hard work, research, passion…all these “precautions” so that when the fog lifts, I’ll be ready.

Enjoy your day, Natalie xoxo

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