The Final Twelve: Day 8 “Going Going”

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week!

Mine was pretty awesome, what with yesterday’s amazing beach adventure and the fun purchase I just made on

What purchase?

Well, today marked my second to last Friday as a teacher in the Bronx – the countdown ends in exactly one week (whoa). So, naturally the first plan I make for the first week of my new chapter is to head back to Cali for a bit! Woo!

I had the pleasure of visiting the OC this summer for two weeks. I loved it. I’m also fortunate to have a close friend out there who graciously provides me with a beautiful place to stay (in addition to her wonderful company). So I’m “going going back…” well, you know the rest. I’ll be attending an interesting seminar in LA and have some other meetings lined up – all things that will keep me moving forward.

That’s one of the thoughts I’ve always tried to keep in mind during this journey: Do one thing each day that moves you closer to your goal. Can be a little thing or something big. Just keep moving forward!

Notes by Natalie

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