The Final Twelve: Day 6 “Time Spent with Friends is Time Well Spent”

Tomorrow marks the first day of my last work week as a teacher. Wow, it’s all getting more real as each day goes by. Thankfully, the excitement for what’s to come is building as well.

I can attribute a lot of my excitement to the outpouring of support I’ve received from family and friends. I was fortunate to be able to spend time with both this weekend. Yesterday was spent hiking with my parents, brother, and sister; today was spent in Long Beach, NY to give a proper send off to my close friend and her husband as they pack up their apartment and move to South Carolina. There’s a sense of sadness from our friends to see them go, but the same excitement and support being given to me is also pointed in their direction.

Making changes and taking risks are what makes life more interesting, fulfilling, and, I believe, ultimately leads you to your rightful place in it all.

I wish my friends all the best in their new adventure xo. Today’s pics: from Sutton Place in Long Beach, watching some football! (Sadly, my Giants didn’t have as much fun as us.)

Notes by Natalie

Notes by Natalie

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