The Final Twelve: Day 1 “Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End”

It was certainly bittersweet.

My last day, I mean. It started off rather normal: I pressed snooze a few times, changed shirts a few times, and hastily maneuvered my car on the highway a few times. It was business as usual once the first bell rang and morning announcements were delivered. I had to drop off some paperwork at the district office and then tied up some loose ends for the remainder of the day.

All the while, as I passed colleagues in the hall or popped into someone’s classroom, I heard many variations of well wishes and support.

The end of the day came, and I still had personal belongings to lug out to my car. After doing so, I realized I had forgotten to drop off some keys in the main office. On any other day, I probably would have groaned at the thought of climbing the stairs again up to the second floor – but today I was grateful. It allowed me some extra time to take it all in and say goodbye.

After I handed in my keys, I headed to the small, cozy classroom that I’ve called home for the past four years. It looks different now, as it is no longer mine, but the familiarity is still there. I looked around, remembering certain moments, shed a tear or two…and then shut the lights and closed the door.

….And onto the next chapter.

A bucket of treats I left for my colleagues : )
A bucket of treats I left for my colleagues : )

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