Flying Solo

As I cruised down the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu for the first time – just me, my iced latte, and my rental car – I felt chills as I rounded every curve of the road.

Sweeping views of the turquoise water and surrounding, rocky cliffs were all my eyes could see…it was enough to take your breath away or, in my case, almost cause you to drive off the road in distraction.

Notes by Natalie, Flying Solo

Exploring Malibu today was just one of the many adventures that I’ve done solo on this little journey of mine. I’ve actually always been pretty independent and could always keep myself occupied, whether I was re-reading my favorite book or re-organizing my closet – I was content on my own. I don’t even mind going to movies or restaurants alone, it’s rather enjoyable to be in the company of just yourself and your thoughts. (This is not to say that I don’t love the company of others; I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family who are a joy to be around, xo.)

With that said, I think that my solo adventures are the ones that are defining this chapter of my life and will ultimately build my strength and motivation. It feels so empowering to book a flight across the country, travel on my own, explore places I’ve never been, learn things I never knew, and just expand my horizons.

My recent experiences have caused me to reflect back to one of my most treasured and favorite books, Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. If there was ever a book and author that I completely identified with, it’s that and her. The bright, yellow highlighter marks throughout are proof.

I actually first read the book four years ago, and I remember thinking then, “This is what I need to do. She is so brave.” Even though I haven’t quite embarked on a journey to three different countries, I have chosen to embark on my own journey – one that is exciting, fulfilling, and one where I take my past experiences along with me, learn from them, and guide myself on a new path to a place I’ve always known I could be.

Happy Friday everyone!

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