Venice Beach | Eclectic & Electric

My flight home from California was pretty late last night, so I decided to spend the day exploring another new place: Venice Beach. It definitely lived up to the unique, edgy vibe that had been described to me prior to my visit. It also had its share of head-turning scenarios and bold individuals, another characteristic that had been mentioned.

I started off the day just getting my bearings and taking in the sights. The Boardwalk continued in both directions, and before the beach I saw several bike-riders and roller-bladers whip around the pathways. As I walked closer to the shore, I found myself in the middle of a skatepark and colorful graffiti, where I witnessed a bunch of teenagers zoom and kick flip on their boards. Finally, I was feet in the sand, walking towards the Pacific. And, wow, did she sparkle yesterday. Earlier in my trip, I saw the ocean from Manhattan Beach, Malibu, Dana Point…but there was something about it yesterday that took my breath away. It literally glistened.

Lacking a towel, I spread my shorts and shirt on the sand and laid on top in my bathing suit. I just spent the next two hours there – taking pictures, reading Wild, watching the surfers catch some blue waves, and napping for a bit. It was lovely. Afterwards, I roamed a little more before heading back to my rental car. It was time to say goodbye to Cali…until next time!

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