Falling into Fall

They say there’s no place like home…and there really isn’t.

I’ve lived in different cities, love to explore new places, and am considering a move in the near future – but I will always be grateful to call Montgomery, NY my home. Not only is it the place where I grew up and where most of my immediate family still resides, it is also cozy, quaint, and picturesque – a historical gem in the Hudson Valley. And when fall arrives…well, you’ll see.

Today I spent the day close to my house: explored the backyard for a few and grabbed lunch with my mother and sister at the local cafe. The chill of the season was in the air and the color if it was glowing in every direction.

Guinness and I hanging in the sea of leaves.

Just look at that color!

Playing in the leaves with Riley.

Strolling through town on the way to lunch.

We’re here!

My girls : )

Coffee talk.

Bacon, broccoli, & cheddar quiche plus fresh fruit…yum!

Nothing better than a relaxing Sunday with good coffee, good food, and good company. Few more hours left in this Sunday (+1, thanks to daylight savings)…hope you all enjoy it!

Cheers, Natalie

They say there’s no place like home…and there really isn’t. No one home is the same, and its meaning can differ from person to person. To me, “home” will always be a place where I feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Making moves for my future will be that much easier knowing that I always have a “home” to come home to.

5 thoughts

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the leaves are super pretty this time of year. But you have to be quick with your pictures! Most of the orange leaves that were on the trees this weekend are now all over the lawn!


  1. You look gorgeous in these pictures Natalie! Must be the happiness of being back at home 🙂 I wish we had these leaves and fall colors here in California as well, I miss them so much!


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