Grandma in My Corner

My grandmother is almost 89 years old. She doesn’t have a computer, an iPhone, or even DVR. I think she thinks texting is tweeting and tweeting is texting. And she definitely didn’t know what a blog was until I spoke to her about mine tonight. (In some ways, sometimes, I almost wish I was in her shoes and we could all just go back to the “good old days,” when life wasn’t so Insta and technology-driven…but that’s another blog post in itself.) 

Moving on. So, I called my grandmother on my way home tonight. I told her how I had spent the day running errands and working on my blog at Starbucks.

“What’s a blog? Is that a thing that goes on TV?”

“No, Nan. A blog is online. On the Internet. You write about whatever you want and other people can read your work.”


You get the idea. My grandmother knows a lot about my story and plans for the future, so she was genuinely interested in learning more about this whole blog business. My news for the day was that I made a slight change to my “Shake Things Up” brand:

“So, Nan, the name of my blog is ‘Notes by Natalie.’ And my new slogan is ‘Make life a cocktail…and Shake Things Up.’ You know, to go along with the changes I’ve made this year.”

And, ya know, my sweet, almost 89-year-old grandmother just loved it. She told me so about three or four times. She may not fully understand what a blog is, but she definitely understands me. It felt awesome having my grandma in my corner today.

Shake Things Up…give grandma, grandpa, or any family member a call – and share something new!

Goodnight, everyone!

A shot of Nan looking gorge at my cousin’s wedding last year.

(I’m on the left, Mom on the right.)

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