What’s Right?

The idea for this post has been in the back of my mind for a few days now. The message was meant to be uplifting and relevant as it coincided with the spirit of the holiday season as well as my blog’s motivational theme. Certain events this weekend, however, have caused me to reflect and edit my thoughts a bit.

Like many of my posts, I drew inspiration for this topic from a book I’ve read. Similar to an article I wrote last month, I am expanding on a thought-provoking tidbit from the book E-Squared, by Pam Grout (2013). Grout discussed the somewhat natural inclination of people to ask the question “What’s wrong?” when thinking about their lives and offered the better, if not harder, solution of asking “What’s right?” This got me to thinking about my own thought processes, and I suddenly became very aware of all the times I’ve harped on what was “wrong.” Naturally, it’s easier to do this when you are actually going through something hard or sad – but even when things were good, my mind has gone back to the hard times and compared the two. I may have said: “Wow, what a difference a year makes!” or “If you told me a year ago that this is where I’d be, I would have never believed you.” I mean, GEEZ Natalie, can’t you just enjoy the good times?

Actually, ok yes, I do enjoy good times and, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t reflect back on hard times and learn from them. No, reflecting is something I absolutely believe is crucial in order to make better decisions for the future. What I’ve started avoiding, however, is letting the “wrong” consume the “right.” When things are not so good, think about what’s right. When things are good, think about what’s right. This thought process is all in an effort to keep the positivity flowing which will, in turn, create more good. Alright!

It all seemed easy in my head, I was ready to write this post…and then I watched the news. On Saturday, the TV was flooded with reports of the car crash that killed actor Paul Walker and his racing partner. The morning after, my local stations were reporting a train derailment in the Bronx that killed four people. In an instant, what may have been a lovely holiday weekend for so many families, was just completely turned upside down. Sadly, we are subject to seeing these kinds of stories on a daily basis. Whether they are intentional acts of harm or honest accidents, our world is no stranger to hard times. So, while my original message was to focus on “what’s right,” it became hard to think it possible for everyone, everyday when so many, right now, are in the middle of such terrible loss.

I can only imagine what these families and loved ones are going through. I’ve had my share of hard times – surely we all have – but never tragedy on such a scale as the stories mentioned above and the countless others that have affected and continue to affect people from all over the world. In these situations, when is it possible to move past “What’s wrong?” and think about “What’s right?” Or, in other words, look beyond the tragedy and think about all the good that those who were lost brought to the world – and find comfort in that. When? I hope for all those out there dealing with the unimaginable and the unexpected that it’s possible sooner rather than later. I hope that the well wishes and positive thoughts being sent from loved ones and strangers alike find their way to you and keep you strong.

In keeping with the holiday season, I do think it’s important to take a moment and focus on “what’s right” in an effort to appreciate what’s authentic and genuine – because we could always use a little more of those kinds of things : )

At the moment, I am thankful for the many, little moments spent with my family this past weekend. And I know I’ll be holding them even closer now…

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

Table is set

My brother ❤

Thanksgiving Day

Morning drive in the country

Guinness and Riley are ready for Santa

Mimosas in the morning

Turkey and stuffing looking delicious

The pups looking delicious, too

Speaking of delicious…apple pie martini 🙂

Mom and Dad dance party

Turkey time…gather ’round

Black Friday (Our Way)

Oops! Forgot to make the Pumpkin Pie

A little Home Alone while it cooks…

And voila!

Dad whipping up some pumpkin martinis to add to the pumpkin-ness

My sister and Riley by the fire 🙂

And now we’re ready to put up the main tree!

Yup, we still do it the old-fashioned way

Trust me, the end result is worth it!

Lights, lights, lights

Almost there…

Woo! Now for some ornaments…

My favorite part…

It’s officially Christmastime : )

Santa sleeps…

…and I take a break 🙂

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your day!

~Natalie xo

3 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the reminder! It’s so true: our reptilian brain always scans the environment for danger, or “what’s wrong”. It takes practice to look for “what’s right” and make it a habit.
    You might get a kick our of my post regarding my experience with E-Squared: http://wp.me/p3ErRy-91


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