Didn’t Even Need Lipstick Today

Thank you, Polar Vortex! Because of you, my lips have been a berry, slightly frozen-looking shade of purple for most of the day. My usual go-to lip gloss didn’t really make a difference, so I tossed it back in my bag. Even right now, as you can see in my Tweet, I’m pretty comfy, cozy, and bundled in my home – yet, I look like I’ve been lounging on an iceberg.

Not my best look.

With that said, I’m definitely whipping out the extra blankets (and maybe a second pair of fuzzy socks) tonight. If you’re also experiencing these frigid temps, I hope you are warm and safe! (And, just so you know, the fuzzy socks are really starting to help.)

*Written in response to Zero to Hero Day 6: Publish a Post That Includes a New Element

9 thoughts

  1. I need about 10 pairs of fuzzy socks! My cheeks are quite rosy thanks to the windburn. It’s a lovely -32 celcius tonight but I guess it’s better than the -40 celcius this morning. Thank God for small mercies.:) Stay warm and snug! – xoxo, Donna


      1. Haha… thanks for the invitation, Yael! It actually ‘warmed up’ this weekend. Tomorrow it’ll be 2 degrees! No gloves or hat needed! Woo hoo! And it’s going up to 7 degrees on Sunday …thank God ’cause I’m going ice skating.:)


      2. : ) Yes, I may stay in New York for a little bit now..but hopefully will make it out to Cali for a short trip before the end of our winter (fingers crossed). But for now, staying warm as possible!


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