Taking Notes 1.0

Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s almost my blog’s four month anniversary. Crazy how times flies. What started out as a small project to document my last few days as a teacher has turned into so much more. I initially left my job to pursue a career in entertainment, and I am still very much on that path. Along the way, however, while I’ve been reflecting on this new adventure, I have also reinvigorated my love for writing, developed a passion for blogging, and discovered so many other talented people in the blog world. In addition, I’ve found another channel that allows me to showcase my ideas, personality, and creativity.

It’s all good.

So, in the spirit of this goodness and because it’s now a New Year, I’m going to be making some positive changes to Notes by Natalie. I’ve already spruced up the design and updated some information in my About page. I’ll probably continue to edit that page in the next few weeks because I want to make additions to the blog’s focus. The main theme will continue to be about Shaking Things Up. I still want to document my new path and the things that keep me inspired and motivated.

I’d also like to start writing about other topics that interest and relate to me, so you’ll probably see me adding and re-arranging categories to keep everything organized. The new category that I’m introducing today is called Taking Notes. Posts in this category will be published on Fridays and will include a bunch of things that I “took note of” that week. Could be a new restaurant, favorite song (which I’m calling the Music Note), a rad shirt, an art piece that caught my eye – anything that I like that I feel you’ll like. I can’t promise you’ll like them all, but hopefully you’ll take note of at least one : )

This week in….

Notes by Natalie Friday Favorites

Noted in Fashion

This Rachel Roy graphic tee totally caught my eye on Instagram today. Because who doesn’t want to do what they love?

Noted in Art

This Brooklyn-based street artist spreads messages of love and inspiration all over New York City. Check him out!

Noted in Television

Sorry, have to give another shout out to my favorite –> Revenge. The past ep was amazing…I can’t wait for this Sunday. If you haven’t watched this show yet, please get on Netflix ASAP. You won’t regret it.

Noted in Friends from the Blog World

These two ladies always make me smile, and it’s always noted. Check out the lovely Feet from Shore and DonzWebb : )

Music Note

Can we say obsessed?

Hope you enjoyed this new tid-bit to my blog. I’m sure future editions will include even more noteworthy finds. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Natalie xo

6 thoughts

  1. Hi Natalie! Taking Notes is gonna be amazing…I can already tell! Thanks for the mention! I’m sooo happy I discovered your blog. P.S. I’m a huge fan of Revenge. P.P.S. Rachel Roy is the bestest! – Donna


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