What Your Wine Glass Says About You

notes by natalie

I love wine and I’m a Sagittarius. Just some random fun facts in case you were wondering. The fun, however, doesn’t stop there. Not only do I savor every glass of red and proudly celebrate my December 4th birthday, I have a wine glass that allows me to do both EVERY. DAY. OF. THE. YEAR.

Pictured above is a personalized wine glass from Lolita Wine Glasses. From birthdays to holidays to weddings, Lolita has a unique wine glass for every occasion and personality. My father has one called the “Chef’s Wine” (which he uses with pride) and my grandmother’s glass is the “Social Butterfly” (very appropriate, I can assure you). In addition to wine, Lolita sells glasses for other spirits and cocktails as well as personalized mugs and bottle stoppers.

There is a custom creation for everyone, which is why these glasses are such special and thoughtful gifts. I absolutely love the Zodiac series, especially because I’m a true Sagittarius and my glass proves it. Take a look:

The Archer is painted on the side of the glass using fun, vibrant colors. Surrounding the design are several character traits of a Sagittarius…


I’m definitely an open person. I mean, I have a blog, right?


Adventure? Sign me up. The past few months have just been one, big adventure for me.


I like this trait about me. It’s not something that I feel EVERY minute of the day, but I have certainly moved through hard times only to believe that much better ones are ahead. My optimism also made starting my journey a lot easier…I know I’ll end up where I am meant to be (wherever that is).


I think I can be funny sometimes.


#8 on 30 Things I’m Happy I Did Before 30: Spoke my mind. Yeah, I can be direct.

Every Day is my Lucky Day

I’m not sure if Lolita means every SINGLE day, but I’ve definitely had my share of good luck. If you don’t already know about the amazing radio contest I won, check out My Tattoo Changed My Life.

Each Zodiac glass includes a saying that reflects one of the so-called “negative” traits of the sign. I guess being direct isn’t always the most desired attribute.

Finally, on the bottom of the glass, Lolita includes specialized drink for each Zodiac sign. Even though I prefer red wine, she got it right with this concoction because I think I love anything with champagne, too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and don’t forget to check out Lolita Wine Glasses for your next gift!

What’s your Zodiac sign? Are the traits associated with it true to your own personality?

17 thoughts

  1. This is such a cool idea! Your glass looks really cool and I’m glad it fits you so well.
    Since my birthday is October 21st, I am considered a Libra/Scorpio cusper and I have an assortment of traits between the two.
    I’m thinking about getting a tattoo at some point to represent this!

    I think I’ll be buying my Mom one of those glasses for her birthday coming up, she would love it!


  2. Awesome post, Natalie! I’m an Aries. Positive traits: independent, upbeat, magnetic personality(so I’ve heard), always look out for my friends, generous, caring, talkative(yup!), makes friends easily(way too many on the subway), adventurous(yup!). Negative traits: impulsive(yup…trying to work on it), put too much pressure on myself(yup!), moody(at times), terrible liar(apparently)….I’ve been told I can’t hide my feelings very well.
    Thanks for sharing!:) – Donna


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