Friends & The Power of Group Texts

Maybe it was the rainy weather here in New York. Maybe it was because, after meeting with my coach yesterday, it’s clear that I still have some New Yawk in my voice. Maybe it was the amount of time I gave last night to over-thinking about situations that don’t need any more attention (*mildly slaps self on the hand). I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s safe to say that I woke up this morning feeling a little blah.

Hey, it happens.

I rustled around under the covers for a few extra minutes. Then I got up, made my bed, and brushed my teeth. Finally, I got around to checking my phone and what was waiting for me just took those blahs away: a text message from a friend. Something so simple can really have a such a huge effect on someone’s day.

The text message wasn’t just from any friend, and it wasn’t just sent to me. Two of my closest friends and I, and I’m sure many of you can relate to this, have an ongoing group text message thread. It doesn’t get used everyday, but it’s always there if any of us have something happy, funny, random, or important to say. Or, in today’s case, a cute picture to send.

During our lives, we continuously make new friends depending on the places we go and the choices we make. I met some of my dearest friends in college, after choosing the university I did and joining the sorority I did. I made other great connections with people through the jobs I have held, activities I have done, and blogs I have visited. It’s so cool that, as I write this post, I get to think of all the amazing people I know and consider my friends.

Today’s text message, though, was between friends that I probably never would have met if my parents hadn’t decided to raise my siblings and I in the exact town they did. My hometown friends. The friends you chose to share snack with in grade school or sit next to in study hall. The friends that when you hang out for the first time in months make it feel like no time has passed. The friends who knew you then and know you now and love you just the same. The friends who will text you this picture at 9 o’clock on a Tuesday morning just because:

Friends & The Power of Group Messages

[photo cred]

I’m lucky to have several ladies in this category, a wonderful group of seven that, while spread out across the country, values our friendship, supports one another, and shares so many of the same memories. The group of seven that I speak of was formed in high school when smaller groups merged together to create one unstoppable crew. Today’s text message was between me and my “smaller group.” Kate and I met in 4th grade, we met Brianne in 6th grade, the three of us met the other half of our crew in 9th grade, and the rest is history. I value my friendship with them more than I can say…

What I can say is that every friend you make and keep brings something special to your life, and the girls I grew up with do that extremely well. Thank you ❤

Friends & The Power of Group Texts

My hometown girls celebrating my 30th birthday (from left: me, Kate, Brianne).

Where did you meet your closest friends? Do you share our love of group messages, too?

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