3 Benefits of Winter Hibernation

2014 Winter in New York and the 3 Benefits of Winter Hibernation

Snow often produces what we call cabin fever. If one is prepared, a snowstorm means stocking up on groceries, lighting candles, and throwing on the ever wonderful fuzzy socks. Here in New York, the past few weeks have definitely made many of us feel like little chipmunks hoarding red wine acorns in our burrows, anxiously waiting for spring.

2014 Winter in New York and the 3 Benefits of Winter Hibernation

For me, however, I can’t attribute this state of hibernation to the weather alone. In fact, my state of hibernation is one that I’ve chosen for myself and welcomed with open arms, which is something that is not normally done for snow. I’ve been putting this period of staying put to good use by being productive, taking classes, and preparing for the next step.

2014 Winter in New York and the 3 Benefits of Winter Hibernation

Truth be told, I thought I’d be living on the west coast by now, far from impending snowstorms and anything fuzzy. That was definitely my plan – a few months ago. But, as it often does, life happened. There’s a few circumstances that continue to need my attention here in New York, so it’s in New York I stay (for now). I anticipated this longer stay at the turn of the New Year and, in all honesty, it’s been a blessing. While the past few months have left me in limbo, they have also given me real time to think about what I want to do, why I am here, and who I want to be. Much of what I’ve been considering now is centered on writing, and I definitely credit that to this blog and what I’ve learned since it began last fall.

2014 Winter in New York and the 3 Benefits of Winter Hibernation

Just like hibernation enables the chipmunk to adapt to the cold, preserve energy, and ration food, my form of “hibernation” has provided me with similar benefits:

  1. Adapt: I’ve turned the cold, unbearable weather into an opportunity to research, research, research. Instead of bundling up in my bubble coat and infinity scarf, I prefer to stay cozy and next to my Mac. I’ve actually found it hard to make time to write because I’ve been so busy reading articles and blogs and articles on how to create great blogs. (Also, how to write interesting content and market that content). Nevertheless, it’s been so enlightening. In addition to my escapades surfing the net, I’m also taking a course in Copywriting for the Web via Mediabistro. I’m hoping this class will not only provide me with new tips and skills, but help me direct my future path.
  2. Preserve: Last winter, you’d find me driving three hours a day to work – sometimes in the midst of treacherous weather. By nature, writing and researching is not as strenuous as maneuvering a small Corolla on a major highway. It’s definitely nice to be able to gain so much from just a simple laptop, all while sitting in my comfy, warm home (or Starbucks) with a cup of coffee in hand.
  3. Ration: Once I knew I’d be in New York a little longer than anticipated, I started looking for a job close to home. I’ve been working at a local restaurant since the beginning of last month, a gig that’s proven to be exactly what I need. Number one, it prevents me from going into full hibernation mode. More importantly, I have a schedule that works well with my researching goals and class requirements, and I’m making some extra cash. And, bonus, it’s easier to ration that cash becuase I’m usually either at the restaurant or on my computer – so there’s no time to spend it! (This may not seem ideal, but I believe a little sacrifice can go a long way. Plus, I still make time for me – Monday nights, 8pm, The Bachelor.)

In short, although the Winter of 2014 has been a challenge for many of us, I’m happy to say that I’m making the most of it. I’m equally as happy because I know my efforts now will make the approach of spring even more exciting. By then, these loose ends in New York will surely be tied up, flowers will begin to bloom, and I’ll hopefully be cruising westward to start something new 🙂

2014 Winter in New York and the 3 Benefits of Winter Hibernation


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13 thoughts

  1. Your amazing Natalie I luv your take on the way you visualise outdoor surroundings whether its in the City, Countryside, Beaches & Islands

    Sugar Ray


  2. Hey Natalie! I really love this post! We got a ton of snow here in Toronto yesterday and it’s a mess out there but I’m trying to make the best of it.:) I stocked up on hot chocolate, marshmallows, and snacks lol. Also just got hooked on True Detective so trying to catch up. Stay cozy! xoxo Donna


      1. I’ve already got a jar here.;) I’m here bundled up…socks and all! I just got that procedure done at the dermatologist so in a bit of pain. Not too bad though:)


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