Taking Notes 1.5

This week in Taking Notes: snow and more snow. Plus a little bubbly, a little high fashion, and a little LOVE.

I hope you enjoy my noteworthy finds on this Valentine’s Day Friday.

Noted in Fashion

Last week, I mentioned how happy I was to find such trendy, round sunglasses for only $10. This week, I read via Net-a-Porter Magazine that round shades are gaining “trophy status this season.” They’re totally in, which means I am, too. (I may even add to my circular collection; the Erdem pair on the bottom left are fab.)

Noteworthy this week

[photo cred]

Noted in Winter

I couldn’t let this week go without noting the millionth storm of Winter 2014. His name is Pax. Below is a picture I took yesterday during the height of the storm. All of that blustery goodness was right outside my bedroom window. Weather.com compiled more noteworthy photos that, while beautifully shot, display the huge impact the storm had on the northeast and parts of the south.

Noteworthy this week


Noted in Cocktails

Getting snowed in can be a pain, but it also has its perks. Namely, enjoying cocktails by candlelight. I bought my mother that bottle of Happy Bitch Rosé for Christmas, but we didn’t open it until last night. Not only was it perfect for us girls and went along with the whole Valentine theme, but it was actually really good. It wasn’t too sweet and was perfectly bubbly. The best part? Each bottle is approximately $13. Learn more about this brand here.

Noteworthy this week


Noted in Love

Lastly, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m taking note of love. I saw this post on the popular blog Humans of New York. The creator, Brandon, provides “daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City.” The lovely stranger in the photo below caught my eye this week because even though she lost her Joe, she most definitely has not lost her love.

Noteworthy this week

[photo cred]

No matter your relationship status, I hope today is spent truly appreciating the value of love.

P.S. For more on love, check out my other post from this week –> On Just How Much You Love Your Dogs.

Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my little Valentines.

On Just How Much You Love Your Dogs


Take Note of What I Wrote?

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6 thoughts

  1. Hi Nats! Loved it! I really, really look fwd to your ‘notes’ each week.:) Those round sunnies are amazing and they’d really suit you! Pax? Really?! Who names these winter storms? That name really doesn’t give off a threatening-vibe at allllll. I’m gonna flip through those snowstorm photos now… I’ve got a thing for snowy photos. P.S. Happy Bitch sounds like my kinda bubby! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your snow-filled weekend. xoxo Donna


  2. I just discovered Humans of New York this week and I love it! Now, I want to purchase the book. I’ve been obsessed ever since I came across the Facebook page, it’s amazing! I totally agree I’ve noticed lately the circular sunglasses trend as well. The ones in the photo are too cute! Great post – Jonesy @ the-blisslist.com


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