My Tattoo Changed My Life.

Here’s a little Throwback on this lovely Thursday. Originally posted in November, I’ve recently spent some time editing and re-formatting this piece. It was inspired by both an amazing book and the fact that my tattoo really did change my life. Enjoy!

Notes by Natalie

Heaven's got a plan for you.

Coincidence. Happens all the time, right? How many times have two co-workers crossed paths in the supermarket and said, “What a coincidence!” when they bumped into each other? Or, has the song that was stuck in your head all day ever been the one playing on the radio when you start your car at 5pm?

Sure, these things happen everyday, but are these events true coincidences?

Google defines coincidence as “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” I think the key word in this definition is remarkable. Looking back at the examples above, it’s safe to say that while those events are not necessarily expected, they are also not very remarkable. Perhaps, we can classify them as mini-coincidences.

But what if those events somehow became remarkable…?


What if the office “friend” is actually someone you’re interested in? You spend all day sending out…

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