Taking Notes 1.8

This week in Taking Notes: a refreshing and unique video interview with one of my favorite New Yorkers. Plus, funny television, one family’s truly moving story, and some weekly inspiration. Happy Friday!

Noted in Apps

I’m always looking for new apps that allow me to transform my pictures into something unique. I loved this article by The Daily Post: Beyond Instagram: Apps for Sketches, Selfies, and More.

Sketches and Selfie Apps

Noted in Television

Does anyone else love NBC’s Parenthood? I may have mentioned the show a few weeks ago, but last night’s episode was Parenthood at its best. I laughed, I cried, I related. Relatability is one of the show’s best attributes – and probably why I keep coming back for more. The photo below is of siblings Amber and Drew. They were particularly hysterical last night. I’ll let you guess what that’s all about 🙂


Noted in What Made Me Smile

I have always been a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker. I hold SATC very close to my heart, and I continue to admire SJP’s talent, creativity, and class. This week, I stumbled across an interview that took place in her NYC home. It was pretty much a guy with a hand-held camera firing random questions at her. Her responses were witty, funny, and real. Classic SJP. Watch the video here.

Sarah Jessica Parker Home Interview

Noted in Life and Love

If you have not already heard about this family’s amazing story, then please keep reading. These parents were faced with an impossible situation regarding the life of their newborn, but their message and story is truly inspiring. I was moved to tears and also filled with hope that we will all value life for the precious gift that it is. Learn more here.

Baby Zion Inspiration Story

Noted in Inspiration

Finally, I leave you with some inspiration from one of my favorites, Pam Grout (author of E-Squared, the book that inspired this post). This week, she posted a simple, lovely article entitled 3 Insanely Easy Tools For Making Your Dreams Come True. Enjoy!

Make Your Dreams Come True

What did you take note of this week?

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  1. Hi Nats! Thanks for sharing that moving story about those parents and their newborn, Zion. The photos broke my heart but their selflessness is truly inspiring. I’m gonna check out the SJP video now and maybe I’ll have a SATC marathon tonight! xoxo Donna


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