Signs of Spring and the Reminders They Bring

5 Positive Things to Put on Your Spring To-Do List

There really is something magical about the change of seasons. Each one brings a different feeling. Summer is a time when there’s always a hint of the ocean in the air. The approach of autumn means comfy sweaters and pumpkin lattes. The joy of the holiday season is what makes winter so special.

And, the arrival spring often creates a plethora of positive vibes.

Notes by Natalie, Signs of Spring

The magic of this season was in full force these past few days. Signs of it were everywhere I looked and in every picture I took. After flipping through my camera roll, I realized that my spring shots prompted some helpful reminders that are important every day of the year.

1. Don’t be afraid to grow and create something new.

Each spring, we watch as the small sprouts in our gardens blossom into brilliant pops of color. This picture reminded me that we can always do the same. It’s never too late to make a change or take a risk. You never know how much you’ll flourish as a result.

Notes by Natalie, Signs of Spring

2. Take time for the little things.

The lovely weather inspired my sister and I to lay on our deck with just a blanket, some music, and bottle of wine. It was such a simple afternoon, yet I was so relaxed and happy to spend time with my sis.

Notes by Natalie, Signs of Spring

3. Appreciate the world around you.

In the spring, the sky always looks more blue than it did the day before. The sun feels just a little hotter. And, in turn, the world becomes a little brighter. My dog, Guinness, definitely looks grateful for his spot in the grass.

Notes by Natalie, Signs of Spring

4. Smile more.

Maybe it was my flowery shirt. Or, perhaps it was because I threw on some pink lipstick. But, even with some of last week’s April showers, I was in a great mood. So, smile! Happiness is contagious.

Notes by Natalie, Signs of Spring

5. Trust that everything is gonna be “okay.”

Winter, spring, summer, or fall…a positive attitude will go a long way.

Notes by Natalie, Signs of Spring

Happy Spring! Have a great week 🙂

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