A Colorful Easter and the Best Parts of Celebrating

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I simply love holidays.

Every special day throughout the year has its own unique meaning and tradition. Some days are times to step back, reflect, and give thanks. Other days are moments of fun and silly-ness.

What makes any celebration extra special is the addition of these fabulous items:

  • family & friends
  • great food
  • cute babies
  • pies, cakes, cookies, & ice cream
  • cocktails

Add in some good conversation and a new outfit, and I’m literally all set.

This Sunday, my family and I celebrated Easter. Not only was it a beautiful spring day, but our celebration also included everything on that list – and then some.

Pink Tulips, Manicure, and Candy for Easter

I got in the spirit by adding a few pops of pink to my life. Happy to say those tulips are still looking pretty today!

A Colorful Easter

Easter morning arrived and my sister and I took a moment to enjoy the gorgeous weather – with a mimosa, of course.

A Colorful Easter

New outfits: check!

Easter Sunday

After mimosas, we joined our mother and my sister’s boyfriend in the car. Off to New Jersey we went. When we arrived at my uncle’s house, we were greeted by the same blue skies…

Egg Hunt

…and the remnants of an Easter egg hunt.

Italian Easter

Stepping inside, we found antipasto heaven!

Easter Sunday

Another holiday favorite of mine? Decorations.

New Baby in the Family

Cue the cute baby! I was so happy to meet the newest addition to our family: my cousin’s son, Owen. Just look at that bow tie! He’s a little gentleman 🙂

A Colorful Easter

Family, food, cute babies, decorations…what else?

Easter Cocktail

A holiday cocktail. Cheers!

Easter Sunday

I love to see everyone moving around, mingling with each other. We certainly had a large crowd!

Easter Sunday

My grandmother enjoying her holiday spirit and mom looking cute and sunny.

Easter Sunday

Orange was a hit!

Easter Sunday

The early part of the day is great because everyone spends time catching up and sharing some laughs.

Easter Sunday

But soon, our eyes began to wander. It was almost time for the Easter feast.

Easter Sunday

And we were definitely prepared for a feast! That’s what I call a holiday table.

Easter Sunday

Holiday table before…

Easter Sunday

…and after!

Easter Sunday

I just love this shot. The second floor of the house overlooks the downstairs so I was able to snap everyone in action.

Easter Sunday

Ok, time to take my seat…right near the mashed potatoes, thank you.

Easter Sunday

Easter Ham

The Easter ham shining in the late afternoon sun.

Easter Sunday Dinner

A perfect plate: Easter ham, lamb, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. The cauliflower was still making its rounds, but I was hungry. What a delicious meal!

Easter Sunday

Rounding out my holiday list: pies, cakes, cookies, & ice cream. I think we had three of the four.

Carrot Cake

I went straight for the carrot cake, while my aunt showed off her manicure.

Easter Sunday

Cute baby #2! Hannah spotted my carrot cake, so I stopped to share. How could I resist?

Carrot Cake

Returning to my seat, I set down a fresh piece and smiled.

Not only did the cake look lovely, the day had been lovely, too.

A Colorful Easter

What is your favorite part of celebrating?

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