Walk to the Sound of Your Own Drum

Really rejoice in being yourself. Have your own drumbeat. – Kim Cattrall

Walk to the Sound of Your Own Drum

We hear it all the time.

“Be yourself, and you’ll be fine.”

A common phrase, yes. It’s often heard before a big job interview, or when a parent drops his or her child off on the first day of school.

It’s prevalence, however, does not make the phrase less true. You really will be fine. Even more so than if you tried to be someone else.

Being your authentic self is what will ultimately keep you on your path to greatness, happiness…or whatever it is that you seek.

My drumbeat has recently led me to a new city to explore a new direction. Over the past month, I’ve met new people, seen new places, and considered new possibilities for myself. It’s all still a work in progress because, like drumbeats throughout a song, we can change and grow.

But, as long as the song is yours“you’ll be fine.”

Ready. Set. Backflip.
{Video of my brother, a true example of someone who has his own drumbeat.}

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