First Five Dates in Five Different States

Do you ever dream about dropping everything and just traveling the world with the one you love?

It’s not too hard to imagine when social media is filled with stories that depict just that. I’m sure you’ve come across Murad Osmann’s Instagram account at some point: over three million followers watch as he and his beautiful wife travel the globe and create the most stunning photos.

Murad Osmann Follow Me To Photo

And just a few weeks ago, I came across an article about a couple that “traveled the world to find the meaning of true love.” In an effort to live in the moment and gain new perspectives, they decided to quit their jobs, pack their bags, and travel the Pacific for a few months. Their journey made me smile because they shared such honest moments with the world and their love for each other definitely shone through.

Couple Travels the World

Now, while I don’t believe you have to necessarily travel the world to understand love, I can relate to how experiencing different environments with your partner can both strengthen your relationship and cause it to grow.

I can relate because this year, I fell in love with a man that I only saw on five separate occasions, and each visit was in a completely different geographical location.

Hence the title: First Five Dates in Five Different States.

Needless to say, it was quite an adventure – a quality that makes our story one that I want to tell. When I first started this blog, I was sharing stories about adventure and change and finding your way. I went from teacher to seeker, from New Yorker to Californian, all in one year. I honestly didn’t know what to expect after I made these changes; I just knew that by shaking things up and opening my eyes to new possibilities, I’d end up finding exactly what I needed.

California Beach

Once in California, I took time away from blogging, transitioned into a new career, and was ready for whatever came my way. Things were going well: I was right near the beach, made some great friends, and was learning a ton at my job. There were times, however, when I questioned whether my new home and new situation would end up being the right fit for me. I was certainly enjoying myself, but after a few months, the high I felt when I first moved out west started to come down. Routines set in, I missed my family, and I wasn’t having too much luck in the dating department.

I never would have guessed that three months into 2015, while on vacation with my girlfriends, I’d meet the man who would end up taking me on my greatest adventure yet.

Trust me, we’ve got a good story on our hands.


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