Late at night,

But not quite midnight.

Probably should go lie in bed,

But no, too much twirling in my head.

Are you like me, too?

Searching for a clue,

Or maybe a sign, some sort of guide,

Saying that everything little thing’s gonna be alright?

Sharing news back and forth with my friends.

“How are some of us on such opposite ends?”

The spectrum is split, divided they say,

But what if it was designed, meant to be this way?

That idea is scary, but whether true or not,

Aren’t you tired? Haven’t you had enough?

So many think like you, and yet so many do not.

I’ll say that again: so many do not.

How is anyone to really know what is right and wrong?

Haven’t you been asking yourself: what is going on?

So much confusion and noise all at once,

Actually nonstop for the past 20 months.

Something is off, you know something ain’t right.

And what makes it harder? We can’t seem to unite. 

No, and it’s such a damn shame –

Can you imagine how that would change this game?

Turn off the news, use your own mind.

Don’t let social continue to further this divide.

Let’s talk to each other more, listen, and hear.

Because remember, it’s “we, the people” – it’s us they should fear.


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