9 Ways to Do Summer in New York City

New York City Skyline and Rose

Summer isn’t over just yet, but we’re definitely past the halfway point. Translation: some fun times have been had and some cool discoveries have been made. It’s my first full summer in NYC since 2011, and my first ever in Brooklyn. Over the past few weeks, I’ve really enjoyed learning more about my new neighborhood […]

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Halloween: Day to Night to Day

Hollywood Halloween

Chances are, if you celebrate Halloween, you’re going to wake up the next day with a good story to tell. You saw the most outrageous costume, ate the most outrageous amount of candy, or stayed out until the most outrageous hour. My first Halloween in California definitely fell into the outrageous category. It all began […]

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Red, White, and New Memories

Fourth of July Mimosas

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. – Plautus Well, we didn’t exactly start off our Fourth of July celebration with wine, but this mimosa was a delicious alternative. Plus, there was plenty of sweet words between sweet friends during a sweet, sunshine-filled weekend to make up for it. This past weekend […]

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Feeling at Home in a New City

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. – Jane Austen Comfort. For me, it’s probably the most important thing that a home can provide. And I’m not just talking about fluffy couches and oversized pillows. I’m talking about the feeling you get when you enter a space that contains some sort of […]

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Taking Note of the Little Things

Appreciate the Little Things

When I was seventeen, I couldn’t wait to pack up my belongings and head to college. I was young, energetic, and totally in love with the idea of living on your own and being independent. Plus, I knew there’d be a dorm room to decorate. My entire family helped me move in that first day. I think […]

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Hockey Playoffs & A Day With Dad

Hockey Playoffs and a day with dad

My family has always been a sports family. Growing up, I watched my brother pitch in his little league uniform every spring, and traveled to his hockey tournaments every winter. I loved every minute. My sister and I were usually found cheering him on behind home plate or in the stands of an ice rink […]

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Two Ways to St. Germain

St. Germain Elderflower liqueur

The French Elderflower liqueur is in full bloom with these springtime spirits. This season, I’m crushing on more than just tulips in a vase. Flowers have made their way into my cocktails, too. An all-natural product from France, St. Germain is a liqueur made from elderflower blossoms that grow in the French Alps. After an […]

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