A Maternity Photoshoot at Sunset

Maternity Photoshoot at Sunset, 37 Weeks Pregnant

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning As I approach my due date, I’ve been soaking up the remaining days with baby girl still inside and reflecting on pregnancy as a whole. It’s been such an amazing experience to watch my body change and grow each week. What’s even more amazing is […]

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9 Ways to Do Summer in New York City

New York City Skyline and Rose

Summer isn’t over just yet, but we’re definitely past the halfway point. Translation: some fun times have been had and some cool discoveries have been made. It’s my first full summer in NYC since 2011, and my first ever in Brooklyn. Over the past few weeks, I’ve really enjoyed learning more about my new neighborhood […]

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Feeling at Home in a New City

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. – Jane Austen Comfort. For me, it’s probably the most important thing that a home can provide. And I’m not just talking about fluffy couches and oversized pillows. I’m talking about the feeling you get when you enter a space that contains some sort of […]

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Taking Note of the Little Things

Appreciate the Little Things

When I was seventeen, I couldn’t wait to pack up my belongings and head to college. I was young, energetic, and totally in love with the idea of living on your own and being independent. Plus, I knew there’d be a dorm room to decorate. My entire family helped me move in that first day. I think […]

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Hockey Playoffs & A Day With Dad

Hockey Playoffs and a day with dad

My family has always been a sports family. Growing up, I watched my brother pitch in his little league uniform every spring, and traveled to his hockey tournaments every winter. I loved every minute. My sister and I were usually found cheering him on behind home plate or in the stands of an ice rink […]

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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

When I taught Kindergarten, I incorporated arts and crafts activities whenever possible. They allowed my students to explore, be creative, and just have a little fun. Each month brought different themes and projects: pumpkin paintings in October, triangle trees in December, colored eggs in April. And then there was March. Sure, in the middle of the month we […]

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Life According to My Camera Roll

Remember the days of disposable cameras? When you actually had to wait to see what your pictures even looked like? And you actually got pictures developed? The anticipation. The joy of a great shot. Those were fun days. Today, we are still having fun – but on a whole new level. Cameras are on our […]

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My Tattoo Changed My Life.

Here’s a little Throwback on this lovely Thursday. Originally posted in November, I’ve recently spent some time editing and re-formatting this piece. It was inspired by both an amazing book and the fact that my tattoo really did change my life. Enjoy!

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