7 Songs I Never Skip on Shuffle

Can you put your entire iTunes library on shuffle and just let it play without skipping a song? I can’t. While my library is chock full of my personal favorites, songs that I’ve either known for years or just Shazam’ed the other day, it doesn’t mean I want to hear them all in one sitting. […]

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How Do You Like Your Brunch?

I fell in love with brunch all over again this weekend. In the process, I also uncovered another rare gem in the beautiful Hudson Valley. It’s a place that makes you feel like you were whisked away to an elegant estate in the hills of Tuscany only to be surrounded by gorgeous views, impeccable decor, […]

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Taking the New Yawk out of my New York

Natalie Bergen, notes by natalie

“Hey! How you doin?” Most of us associate this popular phrase with the character Joey Tribbiani from Friends. As you know, the show took place in none other than New York City. While the main characters didn’t really exhibit New York’sΒ stereotypical accent, every now and then we’d hear Joey say hello to a woman (“How […]

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Didn’t Even Need Lipstick Today

I'm in my house, heat is on, a fire is going, and I'm wearing fuzzy socks. Why are my lips still purple? #polarvortex — Natalie Bergen (@NatalieBergen) January 8, 2014 Thank you, Polar Vortex! Because of you, my lips have been a berry, slightly frozen-looking shade of purple for most of the day. My usual […]

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Natalie Bergen

It’s been two full weeks since I turned 30. It’s also been two full weeks since I wrote a blog post. (Not counting my regular contributions to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.) Yes, it’s safe to say that I’ve had a bit of writer’s block since my BIG B-DAY. I’m not sure what to […]

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30 Things I’m Happy I Did Before 30

I guess you could say this blog post was 30 years in the making. Haha, no. It’s not THAT monumental. What it is, however, is a reflection of sorts and a trip down my now 30-year-old memory’s lane. Yes, today, December 4, 2013, is in fact my 30th birthday. It’s a milestone that we see […]

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My Tattoo Changed My Life

Coincidence. Happens all the time, right? How many times have twoΒ co-workers crossed paths in the supermarket and said, “What a coincidence!” when they bumped into each other? Or, has the song that was stuck in your head all day ever been the one playing on the radio when you start your car at 5pm? Sure, […]

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Grandma in My Corner

My grandmother is almost 89 years old. She doesn’t have a computer, an iPhone, or even DVR. I think she thinks texting is tweeting and tweeting is texting. And she definitely didn’t know what a blog was until I spoke to her about mine tonight. (In some ways, sometimes, I almost wish I was in […]

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