Always Expect the Unexpected

Always Expect the Unexpected, Sunset at the Beach

Part of being positive is being able to roll with the punches and view life’s curveballs as lessons. In case you’re new to this series, let’s recap: Mr. Blue Eyes and I had our First Five Dates in Five Different States. Date One was the night we met – at a karaoke bar in New […]

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Do You Believe in Magic?

Sunrise over Madrid

I woke up with the sunrise just as the plane was approaching Madrid. An extraordinary, pink stripe lined the horizon and a piping hot coffee sat on my tray table. I took a picture and a sip and prepared myself for landing. And by prepare myself, I mean I ran a comb through my hair, […]

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Our Eyes Met in a Karaoke Bar

Our Eyes Met at a Karaoke Bar

I’ll always remember the way he looked at me moments before we went our separate ways. In fact, it was one of the only things I could think of on my plane ride back to California. There I was, sitting in the aisle seat, wearing a long black dress and a long pout to match, replaying it […]

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First Five Dates in Five Different States

Murad Osmann Follow Me To Photo

Do you ever dream about dropping everything and just traveling the world with the one you love? It’s not too hard to imagine when social media is filled with stories that depict just that. I’m sure you’ve come across Murad Osmann’s Instagram account at some point: over three million followers watch as he and his beautiful […]

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