On Just How Much You Love Your Dogs

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air.

Blog posts are popping up everywhere about Adorable Valentine’s Day Cupcakes, Cards That Will Get You Dumped, and, of course, The Perks of Being Single on V-Day.

Today, my friends, I will not be touching on any of these topics. I will, however, be talking about love.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the one you love. While you obviously appreciate your special someone every day of the year, V-day is a time to make him or her feel extra special. I’m usually very good at the Valentine tradition (cute card, heart-shaped fruit snacks, a Hershey kiss or two), but this year I’m flying solo and will be working instead. Most likely, when I get home, I’ll kick off my shoes, pour a glass of wine, and snuggle up with my forever Valentines – my dogs.

As givers of unconditional love the whole year through, dogs deserve all the Russell Stover chocolates in the world.

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

[photo cred]

Sadly, and to most dogs’ disappointment, this cannot happen.

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

What? No chocolate?

To make up for it, dog owners from all over return that love to their furry friends in a number of other ways. But are those ways equivalent to boxes upon boxes of bite-size chocolate goodness? Just HOW MUCH do you love your dogs?

I compiled a list of nine questions to help you measure your love. See how many you answer YES to:

1. Do you refer to your dogs as real people?

Sample conversation:

Girl: Hi, Mom!
Mom: Hi, honey.
Girl: I just wanted to check in. How are the boys?
Mom: They’re good! I just fed them and now Dad’s giving them a bath. Did I tell you about the mess they made yesterday?

2. Does your instagram feed include posts like this?

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

Just hanging with the boys!

And this:

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

This is the life.

And this:

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

Cutest little pumpkins!

3. Do you give them their own seat at the table on Thanksgiving?

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

Where’s the turkey?

4. Do you tuck them in at night?

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

I’m as comfy as I look.

5. Do you treat everything they do as if it’s the next world wonder?

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

Look, he’s running!

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

Look, he can swim!

6. Do you change your voice when you speak to them?

On Just How Much You Love Your Dogs

“Who’s a big sleepy boy?”

7. Do you make them look extra adorable for special occasions?

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

There better be presents involved.

8. Do you make the holidays fun for them, too?

Yes! More presents!

9. Do you drop everything at a moment’s notice just to protect them?

On How Much You Love Your Dogs

When you hear there’s a rabid raccoon on the loose,
these signs go up on every door.

If you answered YES to even half of these questions, then you definitely really love your dog(s). One could even say you’re a tad obsessed.

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you are most likely a member of my family. In that case…

On Just How Much You Love Your Dogs

Riley and Guinness say hello!

~Happy Valentine’s Day~

Did I miss anything? Let me know some of the ways you show your love! Cat owners, feel free to chime in, too! 


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21 thoughts

  1. Aww Nats! This is the most adorable post I’ve read in a longgggg time.:) I’m a huge dog lover. I love all the photos and the photo captions are hilarious especially #7 “There better be presents involved” hahaha…


  2. Ha aww how cute. Pets are people, I love it 🙂 I had to leave my boy with my parents when I moved into my new place b/c I couldn’t have pets and I get updates on him daily lol


  3. Replace “dogs” with “cats” and I agree with every one of these! If you think it’s funny to dress dogs up, it’s a zillion times funnier to dress up your cat. They don’t really like it, but that’s part of the fun!


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