The Creator

I’m Natalie Bergen McGhee, a native New Yorker and creator of all these Notes. I’m so happy you’re here.

I like to think of myself as an all-around creative spirit. I love to dance, take pictures, travel, debate, read good books, get dressed up, and sing songs in my car. I’m quite fond of Christmas, candles, and chocolate ice cream. Palm trees make me smile.

I started this blog as a way to document a new chapter in my life, but it has since turned into so much more. Not only has blogging opened my eyes to the amazing scope of the digital world (which is great, considering I work in social media advertising), it has also solidified my love of writing and design.

When I’m not hard at work at a place with good WiFi, you can find me strolling in New York, scrolling through Instagram, or taking notes.

Natalie Bergen, Notes by Natalie

The Story

As a blogger, I’m also a writer. As a writer, I’m also a storyteller. This is my story.

In high school, I performed in every musical. In college, I studied Broadcast Journalism. In 2008, I worked in digital marketing. In all the other years of my 20s, I was an ESL teacher in New York City.

In conclusion, I learned a lot – not just about these various fields, but also about myself and where I want to be.

A few months before my 30th birthday, I decided it was time to pursue new endeavors. I began by taking classes, studying new things, and exploring different areas.

All the while, I blogged about my journey.

It wasn’t too long before I took the plunge and moved across the country to Newport Beach, CA. In doing so, I changed careers, connected with new people, and experienced a whole new way of life. I’m currently back on the east coast, living in New York and working remotely for my California-based company. Oh, I also recently got married and my husband and I are expecting a baby girl in the fall!

For more on how I went from teacher to today, I encourage you to read My Tattoo Changed My Life and visit the page Trip of a Lifetime. To learn more about what makes me Natalie, please check out 30 Things I’m Happy I Did Before 30.

Wedding Day

The Blog

Notes by Natalie began on September 16, 2013 while I was drinking a latte at my local Starbucks. Created just a few days before I embarked on a new journey, it sparked the phrase Shake. Things. Up. Definition, please:

Shake Things Up
/SHāk/ /THiNGz/ /əp/

1. to make changes in life that are significant, necessary, and/or fun.
synonyms: spice it up, switch gears, restructure, do a 180

Whether big or small, the changes you make have the potential to create new positivity and happiness in your life – especially when they are things you never thought you could or would do.

Today, Notes by Natalie is a place where you’ll find articles about life, love, and what inspires.


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  1. I read you bio on your website and have to say you are very inspiring to let go of what was for what can be….I love to see woman reaching their goals and becoming successful in their dreams….continue to reach for the stars!

  2. Just found your blog. I love it! Your journey is an amazing one already. I wish you all the best with the future of it, and thanks for sharing with us. Such an interesting read. Very relatable for me, too, as I quit my teaching career earlier this year in search of my own new journey. I know how much courage that took, so congratulations to you for finding that courage and following your heart as well. Very inspiring!!

          1. Haha, unfortunately we can’t do it all at once! I hated having to make the choice, too. I did my Bachelor in Science first, double-majoring in Zoology and Conservation Ecology. Then ended up doing the Education bit. I love the idea of both journalism and ESL. Those are quite different, too! I’m beginning to feel you’re an even more impressive all-rounder than I, and I tend to really fit the mold of ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

          2. Haha, well who says anyone has to be a master? I think it’s better to try and do a multitude of things and find what you love rather than only focus on one thing. Everything you do will find a way to tie into the next thing you do anyway : )

  3. You have a very well done “About” page! I’ve taken a look at a few of your posts and I love your motivation and inspirations in life. I’m huge on stepping outside of your comfort zone as well, as that is the only way you are ever going to better yourself and grow as a person. I’m glad that you look at events in your life that people often view as luck or coincidence, like winning the radio contest, and see them for what they really are… opportunity!

    It’s a pleasure to have connected with you and I will be keeping a close eye out for further posts!

    1. Thanks, Dee! I never thought I’d get a tattoo, but now I can’t imagine not having one. It was definitely a good decision for me. I’m so glad you stopped by…look forward to reading more from you, too!

      1. Yep – here in England. And alas no, never made it to the States. Was just getting things ready to pop on over, and then fell pregnant. Would love to take the kids out of school for a few weeks and come over and really explore. I want to save New York, though, for a kid free time. I don’t know why, other than that is how I picture myself there – I am definitely in New York, drinking that Latte child free!

  4. I know this wonderful woman, Beth Barbush, who started a blog in 2013 much like how you did (www.livingchapters.org) and she has stuck with it. Also like hers, yours is really well branded. I definitely see your eye for beauty here.

    You’re so lovely 😀 Stay writing, Natalie.

      1. Great! Shortly, I’ll be sending you a link to your survey from which I will use your responses for the published interview.

        Keep an eye on your email via your contact form 🙂

    1. Hi, Jen! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. Life is a funny thing, and it’s nice to have a place to express your ideas, thoughts, and adventures. Your blog is super cute, and I hope to read more from you as well. Loved that fall wreath!

      1. Thank You Natalie! I couldn’t agree more. And I was so excited to welcome fall with my wreath! glad you liked it. I hope you continue to follow my blog and my future adventures and ideas!
        Warm wishes,

  5. This is just an ‘About’ page and yet has so much to look forward to and to think I been reading a while now. It itself is already full of inspiration.
    I have no idea why it took me some time to read.
    So if never said before I will say it now. Thank you for bringing some of the joys of life.

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