Taking Notes 1.9

This week in Taking Notes: how awesome is this teeny, tiny house? Plus, a sassy sequin skirt, the best game show win, and what’s new in TV.

Noted in Cool Homes

In an effort to avoid high rent and lots of debt, this man built his own home – a tiny house with dimensions of only 8 x 20 feet! While it’s drastically smaller than the norm, this dwelling is very impressive and well-crafted. Check out the complete house tour here.

Man lives in a tiny house, friday favorites
[photo cred]
Noted in An Amazing Win

A contestant on Wheel of Fortune truly had his work cut out for him this week. The final puzzle was three words, and he was only given two letters. And yet, he blurted out the correct answer in this incredible video.

Wheel of Fortune final puzzle, friday favorites
[photo cred]
(P.S. That time I won a radio contest.)

Noted in Television

I’m adding a new show to my favorite list. In addition to Revenge, NBC’s Believe is now part of my Sunday night. The main character is a young girl named Bo who has psychic abilities and powers. There is a struggle between good and evil to control her, but in the midst of the drama, there are also wonderful moments of hope when Bo uses her gift to help others. Brilliantly played by Johnny Sequoyah, Bo’s story is quite intriguing.

Believe on NBC, friday favorites
[photo cred]
Noted in Fashion

I’ve been seeing this sequined skirt by Topshop everywhere, but I loved the way Ashley Madekwe styled it here. The sequin/denim combo is so hip.

Topshop Sequin Skirt, friday favorites
[photo cred]
Noted in Spring Jewelry

Speaking of Topshop, they posted this colorful bib necklace on Instagram the other day. I think it’s perfect for spring – a great pop for a basic outfit. Find it for $30 here.

Topshop bib necklace, friday favorites
[photo cred]
Noted in Inspiration

I leave you with some weekly inspiration from the wonderful Tyler Knott Gregson. Like Tyler, I am also so excited for the change in season and the change to come this year. Here’s to chasing the sunshine!

Weekly Inspiration from Tyler Knott, friday favorites
[photo cred]
What did you take note of this week?


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2 thoughts

  1. I LOVE Revenge! It’s such a good show and I must note your recommendation down too! Oh, and I love Ashley from Revenge, I feel like she is so super gorgeous, and she makes a great model for the Topshop skirt – which, by the way, is beautiful!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend!



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